Shield law is not something I thought about daily or at all for that matter. Through this project I learned just how much it can actually affect my life daily. ┬áIt can affect it by not being able to get a hold of certain information, if this law was not in place, or given the wrong information because people with the truth would be too scared to speak up. I think it’s important for me to know about shield law also because I too may be someone who will need to disclose information and will want to be protected. Overall, the issues with shield law seem to be something that the government will continue to struggle with especially in this time of online news where everyone can be considered a journalist. As a aspiring journalist this project helped me understand what it is like to be one and the protection one as a journalist is entitled to.


Reflection into this project I knew what a shield law was but what I did not know the extent of it. Including the laws of that in other countries for me it was an interesting and fun project and I enjoyed it yet again. I was able to learn about how different laws in other countries work and how the government tries to find loophole to get around it.

Group Reflection

The outcome of the issue should be to continue to keep shield law in place. With out shield law sources will be to afraid to come forward. It is important for sources to reveal information because journalist are the ones who inform the public of what is happening in our society all the way from government to whats going on in our backyards. Without them it would be easy for things to be corrupt. By giving journalist more privilege they are able to put out information that is important and having some protection is better than none.