Study Questions

4. Where was the Shield Law first passed?
-The First Shield Law was enacted in Maryland on April 2,1896.
5. Which is the only state that doesn’t have the shield law?
6. Is there currently a federal law regarding shield laws?
– No
7. What are shield laws designed to do?

– They are designed to ensure confidentiality of news sources.

8.Do shield laws provide complete protection?

– No, they offer different amounts of protection between varying origins.

9.Which case first raised the issue regarding shield laws?

– Branzburg v. Hayes (1972)

10. What are the downsides to having a federal shield law?

– nothing to stop reporters from withholding information potentially harmful to national security

– Special treatment only for journalists

– Once the government begins to ask “who can be considered a journalist?”, they will be inclined to begin licensing journalists, leading to lack of full expression similar to other countries.


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